11 Dec 2015

Cult Mechanicus Kataphron Breachers w/ Torsion Cannons

Hello Readers, here is my latest unit finished up, more Mordian7th good work. A unit of Cult Mechanicus Breachers armed with Torsion Cannons, these nice beauties inflict D3 Wounds or HPs if they successfully wound or Penetrate. Can be a nasty surprise to Imperial Knights!
This is Mordian7th's work, all I did was update the bases to match my own, add a little colour to the faces, not too much, these are automatons after all, and painted the pupils and bionic red eye as most of my bionic eyes are red. Plus a little weathering of the tracks to match the bases.
Thanks Mordian7th, another great unit and they fared okay on the Battlefield at Blogwars X, people targeted them early fearing those cannons thus allowing my Centurions to do the damage...


  1. When I saw the first pic in the series I was thinking to myself I'd seen these before. Nice to see them re-purposed with your own little bit of flair added.

  2. Ha ha, yes Mordian7th work gets both sides of the pond...

  3. Nice! They were definitely the most fun of the units to build and paint, and the kit comes with just tons of leftover bits for use in other nefarious constructions. Dig the updated look you've given 'em!


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