14 Dec 2015

Legio Astorum - Warlord Titan Build - WIP #3 - Feet/Hip Ball Joints

Hello Readers, thanks for dropping by. A little update, my motto when it comes to this build, I want to enjoy the build progress and sloow down on the construction so I don't mess it up, there are some tricky posing decisions to be made and one starts with the feet... As 30mm madness says, it is the journey not the destination, and I agree.
Stage 1 of the build is the hips and leg couplings, the ball joints. This is a simple case of roughing up the surfaces with a blade or I use the tips of the sprue cutters to give more surface area to bond. I am using JB Weld Plastic Weld, so far it is strong - and dries to a firm hold in 5mins, meaning I don't have to hold the toes in place for that long. It is completely dry and hard after 24hrs, so another reason I can enjoy the slow and steady approach. I bought some hobby clamps from eBay, cheap and essential for large resin builds. The instructions say not to glue the Hip Piston Rings, but after a lot of posing and dry fitting, they can be secured, largest nub downwards.
The clamps were essential for this tricky bit.
The pose I require is a fairly upright stance, it is a WarLORD, not a Warhound after all, so I will have a fairly static stance, but with the rear trailing leg just stepping forward, it is advancing as the nigh on unstoppable force of the Emperor's might is it not?? To make this look a little more 'realistic' the back of the foot will be raised slightly, the toes at the front bent up, the trailing toe bend down to ensure maximum stability.  You can see this above and below, each toe and the front of the foot base provides contact with the ground.
To ensure maximum stability and not have 7Kg of titan on the toe joint, I have affixed a 25mm slotta base to bridge the air gap (seen underneath but will be fairly hard to notice in the final model!) this gives more surface area in contact with the ground. I will be pinning the final model on to a base not dissimilar to the other titans to provide maximum stability.
The other foot is the one pictured first, flat and firm ground for this heavyweight beast. In between to toes will be the Foot Plates, these will be glued on completion of painting and clip in place. The instructions say just clip, but I will glue once finished. The toes themselves slot nicely into the slots provided, a generous application of JB Weld into the slot and along the back of the toe ensures a great fit. You can pin these, but I don't think it is necessary. I will pin the foot ball joint, shins, knees and hips later once constructed and dry.

That's all for now. I love this model, it's huge but the instructions are clear for once! Well done FW, at last and in colour!

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