9 Dec 2015

Cult Mechanicus Fulgrite Electro-Priests

Hello Readers, Thanks for dropping in, I hope you have been enjoying the Weemen trip to Warhammer World pictures, back to some actual Weemen progress with a small update of some Cult Mechanicus Fulgrite Electro-Priests, another unit I've updated to match my armies but painted by my good blogger buddy Mordian7th.
These had some mixed performances at the recent BlogWars X, I forgot they have FNP and their 4++ save gets better if they win CC. Oh well, I remembered about halfway through the weekend and did okay against 6thDegree and Steve in turn 4 when they finally closed the enemy...
All I have done is updated the colour of the power cables to match other units to green, re-did the bases to match all my armies and a few tinkers here and there, but whole hearted thanks to Mordian7th for another fine painted unit at a great blogger buddy discount price. Cheers man.

The titan WIP continues, fear not, I am really enjoying the scale of the build, it is kind of to celebrate the end of the 6 month mountain reduction pile challenge. 6MMRPC... kind of undoes all my hard work in getting stuff done. ;)
I've kind of failed at that... a trip to WHW means you never walk away empty handed, but it was a great challenge and I did a lot of painting including starting and finishing the Relic Sicaran Battletank which I am very proud of. Thanks for the encouragement SpiderWebofHistory and Daveb.

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  1. I quite like them. I suppose at some point I'm going to have to look at the Ad Mech figure range...


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