18 Dec 2015

Legio Astorum - Warlord Titan Build - WIP #4 - Shins

Welcome back avid Titan Enginseers, welcome to Part 4 of this series, I hope you find it useful if you are thinking about constructing your own someday.  Here I have roughed up the surfaces of the shin-knee joint before gluing. This will ensure a super strong bond between the two pieces.
I am using JB Plastic Weld, the best in my opinion, quick drying (5mins) until you don't have to hold together, but 24hrs for a complete set. I have hobby clamps for a great help in keeping the parts together for a strong tight seal. Here you can see the two pieces and how they come together to form the Shin.
To ensure an extra strong bond, I am also pinning all the Titan extremities, and the legs will be taking a lot of weight so I am pinning these two pieces, I am using brass rod and more glue to pin. I used wire cutters, not the sprue clippers to cut the rod and at an angle to get in the best pin (Thanks for the idea from 30mm Madness).
 Here you can see the place to drill, this will be covered up by the armour plates on final construction.
Here is a picture of the drill bit, an extra long 2.5mm bit, next to a normal 2.5mm bit. This means I will be able to drill through the larger deeper pieces such as the hip ball joint into the hips themselves.
A final check and measure of the pin before glue is applied and the pinning put in place. You can also see I've attached the struts from which the Leg Armour plates attach.
Lastly, a picture of the pin in the hole, test fit before adding the glue, the top surface will be well hidden by armour plates, however a little tidy up and paint over the hole and no-one will know you've strengthened the joint. A perfect length and job well done.

I added the mounting pins for the leg armour - don't do this yet unless you position the pins with the armour plates in-situ, otherwise a slight misalignment will mean the underneath shin armour, under the Greave will have an ever so small bend to it - not noticeable on finished titan, but during construction of the Leg Armour I had problems fitting the shins - I'd save the mounting pins until you are mounting the Armour later. A lesson for Warlord No.2 perhaps :)

Hopefully you have found this useful. Thanks for dropping in.

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  1. Looking good - you'll have a lot if fun when you get to the carapace! ;-)

  2. Fantastic work, man - really digging seeing it come together. Good stuff!

  3. @ Gungrave, carapace easily done if slowly. Took my time, and fixed back torso halves together before construction of rest. And used top carapace as guide when gluing sides, post soon.

    @ Mordian7th, cheers man. It's been a fun build so far, more posts scheduled, construction is now well on way, it's towering above the Reaver...


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