27 Dec 2015

Legio Astorum - Warlord Titan Build - WIP #6 - Magnetising the Waist

I hope you all had a good Christmas and Santa bought you Weemen!

So, following the instructions, I had glued the hip ball joints, and departing from the instructions, after some posing of the legs, I glued the hip piston rings in the position I wanted, biggest lug downwards. By gluing the ring, it will add stability and strength to the hip joint and the legs with ten extra points of contact with the legs and the hips in the form of the pistons.

But the titan is so huge, I thought I should make the construction detachable at the waist. I knew from painful experience (Reaver toppled and fell) that trusting gravity was a fools errant, so I bought super powerful magnets 25mm x 10mm with the pulling power of about a small elephant - seriously, I left them near eachother and they flew together chipping one and needing all my strength in my fingers to pull apart without leverage... that will do nicely.
Using the Forstner bit I ordered especially, I slowly drilled out the resin plug, lined with super powerful JB Weld, and glued in the first magnet.
For the Torso base plate, I didn't need to drill out a complete hole, this way the magnets attraction would be slghtly reduced (seriously, don't need all of that pull!) and the magnet would fprever be entombed in the torso and will not pull loose of the JB Weld holding it - not that I think that'll happen, but this gives an ideal pull and an ideal mount.
Before placing the magbet in the recess I applied glue and then held together by the magnets, I applied JB Weld around the top magnet, sealing it in place on the Base Plate.
The hold between the two is more than sufficient to make sure the titan doesn't topple apart but allows some rotation of the waist. and de-construction for transportation if necessary. Ideal.

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  1. Nice! That is a beast of a magnet!

  2. Oh so the magnet pulls through the resin. It's not magnet on magnet contact. That had me confused originally. Very cool. I'm enjoying this build log.

  3. Yes, the magnet on the torso bed plate sits in a recess so it is not direct magnet on magnet, this reduces the pull to a manageable amount, still strong, still enough pull to lift the constructed legs entirely. It's awesome seeing the build come together, it's BIG

  4. Magnetisation at the waist is the way ahead. This is such a good idea, it should be reflected in the fluff.


  5. Careful with those magnets, they sound like they are powerful enough to change to memory... or even your sex.

  6. Ha ha, best continue the build fully clothed in case of accidents!


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