1 Feb 2018

Squaduary 2018 - Great Hobby Motivation - It's that time again!

I often join blogger buddy Hobby events, I find they help me focus my Hobby Butterfly Syndrome for at least a month anyway - In February last year I completed a squad of RTB01 Marines.
In September I participated in Spartember and finished a long overdue Spartan Heavy Assault Transport.
And in October its the annual Dreadtober event, my previous entries were a Contemptor and a Deredeo...
So, this year's Squaduary will see me painting up my last remaining squad of RTB01 Marines seen here in a pre-clean up and a light white undercoat from 1989, one has the paint job I first ever attempted as a homebrew Chapter that never was, it's not actually that bad, neat job at least anyway, but he'll serve once more in the new guise as a Relictor - as I stated in 2010 - I will paint these someday - well that day has FINALLY come!
Check out the updates and other hobbyists progress over at Stepping Between Games. Wish me luck, cheers, Siph.


neverness said...

That is inspiring stuff! I love those original marines!

Nick Thrower said...

Good stuff buddy, my pledge goes up tonight. I've been, erm, ambitious? ;)

Can't wait to see these guys done, it's a genuine part of 40k history and to see them still being painted and hitting the table is an inspiration!

Dave Weston said...

Sadly too much for me to do this month to join in but I'll keep abreast of everyone's progress.

Siph_Horridus said...

@ Neverness, cheers and I agree, love ‘em.
@ Nick T, really, I am intrigued, whole squad of Jet Bikes?
@ Dave, hopefully the event gives you some inspiration to lift your paintbrushes with renewed joy.

extremedoc1 said...

Good Stuff look forward to seeing them

Mordian7th said...

Sweeeeet - There's no school like the old school! Looking forward to seeing 'em come together, man!

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