29 Jan 2018

Relictors Terminator Tactical Squad No.2

Hi All, I'm continuing to hit the to-do pile this year, a long time delayed squad, I converted the metal Chaplain, now fittingly skull faced Relictor Sergeant to have plastic legs years ago. The Genestealer Cult Sentinel I got last year came with a Missile Launcher I thought would look good as a Cyclone Missile Launcher, so the seed to get these finished was again bought forward.
These two are from the Space Hulk set, I must have shaved off twenty or more blood drops off of these! I cut away the bases they have so they could be mounted on 40mm bases and swapped the arm on the pointing Terminator to a less elaborate Storm Bolter arm - the original went to the Sergeant.
The amount of detail on these monopose sculpts is awesome. They are quite detailed enough to be Sergeants, or in this case decorated Elite Veterans. I like that they both are pointing in opposite directions.
The Sergeant is a conversion using the older metal Chaplain torso and head with plastic legs to give the correct height. I had to use the plastic waistband of the newer marines too, the older terminators were tiny. I chopped up the metal banner pole and used the banner top as his standard - I don't use banners for Terminators, preferring the smaller more compact and practical adornments.
Here you can see the Space Hulk arm for an unusually lowered pose and the plastic waistband. I also used Cullen's shoulder pad as its got loads of details.
Here are the two remaining squad members, both from AoBR plastic Terminators, I added a Chainfist Arm to one, the other received an old RT era Cyclone Missile Launcher targeter arm  - cool bits box use I think. The Sentinel Cyclone Launcher looks suitable for the Terminators I reckon.
Here is a close up of the Targeter arm.
And the Squad all together, checking the arcs left and right, great addition to the Relictors army.
And next up for me will be starting this years first hobby event, February's Squaduary! Can't wait to get cracking, this year I am again painting up another squad of RTB01 Marines I have loafing in the to-do pile. Check out the event at Stepping Between Games blog.  Here was last years results:
Thanks for dropping by, Cheers, Siph. (Termie Squad nets me 10 painting points)


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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