19 Jan 2018

Imperial Knights - How to add LED lights to your Knights

Hi one and all,

Thanks for viewing this guide. To start, I've never really done anything with electronics other than plug in the PS4 to the TV, so the thought of adding lights was quite daunting at first. I wanted to add lights to make them 'stand out' but also I think the model is made to have them.
The knights were built- during the build I added 2 holes straight through the head, around 2mm, with the holes in the back of the head extended to allow the 3mm LED to be placed inside the head. Another hole was then added to the torso for the wires/leads to pass through.

For the Lights I used:
2x 3mm LED's
A wire connector
2x CR2032 batteries
Battery holder pre-wired
The LED's were poked into the wire connector, and the wire from the battery holder was added to the other side to correspond with Live wire to live part of the LED.
The switch on the battery pack was turned on and done - we have light (maybe I should have used a resistor in this circuit, however I opted not to for ease of build, as well as some guides online indicating that a resistor isn't really necessary for lights this size).
From here the LED's are poked thought the holes in torso, and the head then is positioned and glue to have the LED's in the correct position for the light to be seen. I checked this, and that I was happy prior to gluing the head into position. The body of the knight is great as there is loads of room to store the battery pack and connector.
The light from the LED lights up behind the head and within the torso- which I quite like the look of. I also added a deflector between the helm and head of the knight to produce the 'glow' of the eyes. This was simply a piece of plastic cut from a milk bottle.
Thanks for looking! I hope this guide is useful for anybody who intends to add LED's to their models. I am working on lights for my Forge World Cerastus Knights - these are a little trickier due to limited cavity space.

Cheers, LH

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  1. That’s pretty cool! And doesn’t look too difficult now you’ve illustrated it


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