26 Jan 2018

Imperial Knights - Questoris Knights - LED update

Hi one and all, Crazy week with work, so a quick post.

I've managed to update all 7 of my Imperial Knights with the new LED light fixtures, and here are the results, I'll do a bigger post once the knights are finished with weathering and decals, banners etc.

So far there are 7 knights complete, with another 5 to add lights to, these being the Forge World models. I'm need to order a different battery pack as the body cavity isn't big enough for the battery pack I've used so far.
Lights on, lights off..
I'm really happy with the way these models look when the lights are on, and the overall feel to them.

Thanks for looking!

Cheers, LH


  1. 1. I think you're mad setting out to light them all up like that.
    2. Your cupboard is great, where do you keep your tea towels ?
    3. Setting aside #1, it's a brilliant (see wot I did there ?) job, well done.

  2. Just in time for you to paint up some Scout imperial knight armigers... ;) Smaller torso cavity though.


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