15 Jan 2018

Space Hulk Blood Angels - Converting into Relictors Terminators

Hello Readers, I thought I'd kick off the new year with some more to-do pile work and as a few dedicated followers may recall (?) I did my first Space Hulk Terminator back in February 2011... well, enough time languishing in the to-do pile - these are seeing light of day once more!
To add to my ranks of Terminator Assault Squads, I love some Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield action, so the Sergeant of a new squad will be the TH SS Sergeant from Space Hulk - but with a suitable skull shaped Storm Shield made from the Arcane Ruins set. I've used these before as vehicle adornments on my Whirlwind Tanks - and their size is ideal as a Storm Shield.
The hand and handle was trimmed off of the existing Storm Shield which was discarded, I plan on adding a small Terminus Crux embellishment on the forehead to avoid too much of a chaos vibe.
Here are two other Space Hulk Blood Angels undergoing transformation into Relictors Terminators, both of a shooty variety, they will be joining a converted metal Chaplain who has become a mean looking skull faced Sergeant and a Cyclone Launcher marine with an old school targeter arm... should be completed soon.
The final Space Hulk mini I'm converting into a Relictor, or in this case a originator Fire Claw Terminator, the Chapter the Relictors were once before starting their penitent crusade... as no canon scheme exists I going for a black with fiery orange red gauntlets (Fire Claws!) and a Space Wolves chapter badge of a clawed paw... so far the base is complete. This will make a nice objective, I included the building as he wouldn't be slumped in a throne in the middle of a battlefield, so a ruined building serves well - now a relic to be fought over and reclaimed for the Chapter!


  1. Great stuff, looking forward to seeing how these come along!

  2. Cheers mate, have finished the Fallen Termi Objective market now, will post soon! Termie Squad with SB/PF is well under way too

  3. Very nice. Clear out that to do pile and bring on the assault termies. I am looking forward to seeing that one with the skull shield.


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