5 Jan 2018

A review of Lord Halfpenny's 2017 Weemen

Hi All,

Firstly I hope you all had a great Christmas, and happy New Year!

I thought I'd post a quick review of 2017, and some of the projects I've completed and those to be finished in 2018.

Space Marines

2017 saw several new additions to my Ultramarine force, including Leviathan Dreadnoughts and the completion of my Master of the Forge on Jet bike.
Also added was the completion of several Forge World Super Heavy tanks. These will be finished with decals this year as I intend to make a sizable dent in my Space Marine 'to do pile'.
Also added to the ranks of Ultramarines during 2017 was Guilliman himself, as well as updating my Ultramarine commanders, including updating Marneus Calgar and his Honour Guard squad, Chaplain Cassius and Captain Cato Sicarius. Guilliman was a beast in 7th, as seen in the Guilliman Gauntlet (Part 1 and Part 2). It'll be interesting to see how he fairs in 8th.
I started work on a small Custodes force, which is well on to its way to being completed.
Here is my Watch Master- converted using the Eagle from Corteaz.


The addition of a Daemon Prince from the Ultramarine Chapter made a change to the normal UM colour scheme. I really like the look and feel of the model with him flying really makes him stand out and appear completely different to the similar Daemon Prince models.
My Daemon force had a few new additions including Skarbrand and Magnus the Red, 
 Also completed was a Slaanesh Greater Daemon
To be Finished...

Legio Crucius Reaver Titan, well, its coming along nicely so far...
Imperial Knights

I've started to re-do my Imperial Knights LED lights, so that its easier to switch them on/off. All will be redone this year and then decals applied.
 There is still quite a few models left to finish too...
Hobby Goals

In 2018 I intend to make a real dent in my to do pile, hopefully in the next 12 months..
  • Reaver Titan completed
  • Ultramarines to be updated with bigger 32mm bases and transfers on everything - and to start my Primaris pile that I've not touched yet!
  • To finish off my Imperial Knights Banner.
  • Work on Chaos Daemon pile.
  • Start Deathwatch force which is hiding in the loft.
  • Necromunda
Also, and the main point is to try to fit in as many battles as possible, Siph and I failed miserably last year.

What are your Hobby Goals? Let us know in the comments. Thanks, Lord Halfpenny.


  1. Like you i think mate, I'm running down the to-do pile a bit more this year! At least so I can get to the gaming board and have some battles!

  2. Good luck with that !

    It looks like the year for piles....


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