1 Jan 2018

Adeptus Mechanicus - Mechanicum Army On Parade

Hi Readers, Happy New Year!

Thanks for dropping in - style over substance post this time I'm afraid, but better than posting part finished squads and who doesn't like pretty pictures and army shots? We all do - busy time of year and real time plus HBS (Hobby Butterfly Syndrome) means I have many projects on the go but nothing solid to post. I finished my last of my Mechanicum Units recently with the Ursarax, so I took the opportunity to have a look at all the Ad Mech and Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii units I have in my collection - and they are Christmas coloured too ;)  Above is the entire Mechanicus and Skitarii 40K forces.
Eagerly awaiting the release of Fires of Cryaxis and rules for Mechanicum FW units in 8th Edition 40K - I show thee the entire Ad Mech Army I have - crept up on me - quite a sizeable force!
Here is two of my favourite sculpts, the nimble fast insectoid Vorax Battle Automata painted by my good blogger buddy Mordian7th, who also painted the majority of the Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii forces too! And, the recent additions, the Ursarax Shock Troop Automata.
The Tech Priest Dominus leads from the front, accompanied by the hard hitting Sicarian Ruststalkers and the Scyllax Guardian Automata bodyguard.
Above the flank shows Kastelan Robots and the similar Castellan Battle Automata - both great on the battlefield I think, look cool too.
And lastly, the big support robots - two Mechanicum Thanatar Siege Automaton with their devastating Helix Plasma Mortars. Boom.

I look forward to expanding this army once Fires of Cryaxis drops and I've hit the to-do pile a little more this year too! - I'll post next week on how well I fared with last year's Hobby Goal of hitting the to-do pile. Hope you enjoyed the photos and I'll get back to painting something to finish my 7 part finished squads of various... Cheers Siph.


  1. Love the big guys, the siege automata.

    But the vorax, they're where it's at. Wonderful.

  2. Zzzzzz, my thoughts exactly. Glad someone else thinks the same!

  3. Love the colour scheme and the glowing effects. And the fact you actually have some scenery to use as a backdrop! Maybe that should be another of my hobby New Years resolutions...

  4. @ dave g, yes mate, frame the minis with some suitable terrain to enhance the 'realism' thats an easy goal, and thanks mate, is a sweet force - needs expanding though ;)


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