28 Dec 2017

Raging Heroes - Alternative Sisters of Battle part 2 (Picture Heavy)

Hi All,

To follow up on my last post about my potential Sisters of Battle/Inquisitor/Necromunda force using models from Raging Heroes. Below are pictures of the models as requested. I will be starting the build of these in the new year.
The casts are really nice, and the detail is crisp. These models are 'mono pose' however the poses look individual.
The 'characters' have a load of details.
My only question looking at the models is how would I justify a 3+ armour save, when they aren't wearing any!?


  1. Thanks for sharing those.
    I got no answer on the armor question.

  2. Whilst I think they are quality sculpts, I do think they are overtly sexualised, don’t fit the 40k aesthetic and their minimal armour on the knees look like bagina knees... not for me. My alternative Nuns with Guns are more modest, puritanical and Armoured.

    1. I agree that they are overly sexual and wouldn't be interested in them for that reason.

  3. I think the main issue is sticking the blasted things together.

    And as for the 3+ save, obviously you run them as an Escher gang....

  4. They work as Slaaneshi Cultists.

    As sisters though you'd be hard pressed to make use of them. I bought a raging heroes model to use as an alternative masque of slaanesh [Varaseesh, The Venomous] but would look elsewhere for alternative sisters models.

  5. cheers for the comments, Still not 100% sure on how I'll use them. I do have a selection of other Raging Heroes box set that I going to be using as a IG force, maybe these could be a Vet Squad/comand- will have to assess the weapon options and plan from there.


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