8 Dec 2017

Legio Crucius Reaver Titan - WIP #20 - Lasers?

Hi One and all,

Its been a slow week on the Reaver build, as my attention was taken to how to build an additional carapace weapon.

I took delivery of a Twin Turbo Laser Destructor, and started looking at options to mount it, and which way. The easiest solution would have been to flip the lasers over, and use the arm mount into the carapace- however the sights and marks would be upside down. I've opted to have it the correct way round, but this had 2 problems.

The hole and how to mount it.
 For the hole I used a 28mm base which fits nicely in the void. I will then use on of the mechanicus seals over this so it doesn't look out of place.
 The mount, surprising I found the perfect option- the gun sits really well on the mount for the rocket launcher, so my plan is to pin and magnetise both weapons so that have I both options. This would also be the solution if I get a plasma weapon for the reaver as an option.

I'm really happy with the look of the weapon- it looks right on the Reaver- I just need some good weather to spray it..

Cheers LH

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  1. Nice, what might work even better over he hole is the Mechanicus logo from the cities of death buildings like I used on the Power Transformers Terrain? Same size as a 40mm Base http://weemen.blogspot.co.uk/2013/07/terrain-and-scenery-power-generators.html


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