22 Dec 2017

Raging Heroes - Alternative Sisters of Battle

Hi One and All,

I took delivery this morning of an order I place with Raging Heroes..
I've previously ordered from them and the models are excellent quality, the plan with these at the moment is unknown.. Initially I thought Necromunda, then maybe some form of sisters of battle...
Also picked up the 'monster hunters set- which will be used a an Inquisitor and retinue!


  1. Quite the opposite spectrum to my alternative SoB... but you’ve fallen foul of the Reddit curse of posting boxes... please follow up immediately with hobby progress or a look at the models! Or report to your local Arbites for conditioning...

  2. Yeah, what Siph said. (At least show us the sprues!)

  3. Excellent !

    Rest assured, as soon as I have any picts, Siph, I'll put them up.

  4. Thanks- I'll post some pictures of the models this week..


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