11 Dec 2017

Mechanicum Ursarax Shock Troops

Welcome All, thanks for dropping by. Today I want to show off my latest addition to the Mechanicum forces, the very last of my Mechanicum units from the to-do pile, awaiting the release of Fires Of Cryaxis so I can merge them with my Ad Mech 40K forces!
According to FW, the Ursarax were developed as a heavy, rapid-moving close combat unit. They use a fusion of existing technologies sacred to the Mechanicum, they are formidable, even monstrous, killing engines.
Like the Thallax, Ursarax are thralls rather than servitors. Selected from suitable human candidates for conversion, their living components retain a consciousness and dim recollection of their former humanity, providing them with superior tactical abilities and the instincts to kill. 
Each Ursarax’s frame is outfitted with a powerful, chest mounted Volkite Incinerator - a weapon deadly at range, but decidedly lethal in close combat – I envisage the Ursarax leaping at its enemy, grabbing them and forcing them at close range into the chest area before detonating a volley at point blank, before tearing through the enemy ranks with pairs of armour crushing power fists or flesh shredding lightning claws.
I armed the first two with Powerfists and the third with Lightning Claws, I'll aim to get more Ursarax to bolster the numbers and more Claws as they look great, the Powerfists for more hardened targets. You can see the Gamers Grass tufts on these bases along with my usual coloured patches of flock.
The scheme matches the rest of my Mechanicum units, and was quite easy to reproduce, a drybrush Leadbelcher over Chaos Black and armour painted in Khorne Red and Evil Sunz Scarlet. The fists were Catachan Green. I used Stormhost Silver and Soulstone Blue for the upper arm extensions to add interest.

Hope you like my additions. I plan on doing a review of my Hobby Goal post and see what I managed to paint this year. I did okay I reckon. Thanks for dropping by, Cheers Siph.


  1. They look really good. Love the look of the claw one especially, very mean!
    Congrats on getting through your to do pile, that is a massive achievement. More purchases to celebrate ;)

  2. Suitably clanky and gribbly; excellent models.

    And also looking forward to your annual report...

  3. The Ursarax are some of my favorite Mechanicum Models, and you've done them up great here. Very impressive, and definitely not anyone I'd want to be standing in front of when they go off!

  4. Sweeeeeeet - Awesome work, man! The Ursarax are just brutal.

  5. Im with Naf the claw one stands out with the edge highlighting providing a great pop drawing the eye nice job Siph

  6. Thanks everyone, cheers. The Claws were simply Kantor Blue Base, Nuln Oil wash, highlight Kantor Blue and final Temple Guard Blue. I like them too, next three will have Claws I think, I like the look and rule of cool trumps Battlefield role ;)


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