4 Dec 2017

Necron Triarch Praetorians w/ Void Blades and Particle Casters

Hi All, thanks for dropping by. I recently finished these little gems, not sure how effective and whether Rods of Covenant are better, but I picked these up built on eBay and painted them myself. I chose the gold torso to mark these out as High Ranking Necrons and to match the Triarch Stalker.

The weapons were painted with blue accents, linking with the rest of the army, and the gauss weaponry the usual reds.  I even got to add a few clumps of Gamers Grass to add some interest and height to the bases. As I re-base my Marines to 32mm bases I will add a number of these tufts too - each tuft is actually cut down from the tufts supplied, either a quarter or half to keep the size small.
I like these sculpts, I will probably get another squad of 5 with Rods of Covenant, just to be sure... Ha Ha, thanks for dropping in and checking out the Necron additions.

Cheers, Siph.


  1. Nice work. The read and blue on the weapons really helps them to stand out.

  2. Hummmm. Honestly ? Undecided. Why would deathdriods have physical shields ? are they for cc or shooting ? they just seem weird for 'crons. But my experience is limited to the fall of orphius, so I may be missing their context.

  3. Thanks everyone, and Zzzzzz, hey are a funky close combat double blade thing, not a shield, that was the Lychguard with Dispersion Shields, but in a universe that has Lascannons and WW1 tanks none of this makes sense ;) they are merely constructs not magical undead.

  4. Nice set chief.
    It may be the pictures but the metal looks very bright. Possible dark wash to tone it down?

  5. @ Rory, I think I had the LED lights too bright, the metal actually has more shade than normal.

  6. Nice work, loving the colour scheme


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