25 Dec 2017

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays / Glorious Emperor's Ascension Day

(Image from eldritchepistles - check it out, old school cool collectors blog)

A very Merry Christmas and a hobby filled New Year to you all, whatever you celebrate - hokey religions or the cold hard Imperial Truth ;)   from us three not so wise men at WeeMen.

Cheers! Siph, Lord Halfpenny and the elusive 6thDegree  ;)


  1. I always wanted to convert the Christmas Marines into Wolf Guard. Classics indeed. Have a merry one!

  2. @ neverness, thanks mate, wishing you a great one too

  3. Ah the Santa Chapter of the Astartes. Merry Xmas, Siph.

  4. And the faithful shall rise before dawn
    And they shall read the 3rd canticle of the book of truth by the light of a tallow candle
    And they shall clothe themselves in their finest raiment
    And they shall wait in quiet contemplation
    Until the first bell is struck
    They shall leave their homes and process towards the bascillica
    As each toll is stuck they shall abase themselves in prayer
    By the ninth bell, all should be arrayed on the plaza of the Emperor's Ascension
    All should extinguish their candles on the tenth Chime
    There will then be an Ascension service before the feasting can begin.

  5. Hope you all had great Christmas!


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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