20 Dec 2017

Landspeeder Size Comparison - circa 1997 and Modern

Hi All, following on from Monday's post, I took some pictures of the 1997 version and a Modern kit, there really is a significant size difference! So a quick post whilst I get down the shops for some last minute Crimbo shopping ;)
Front on - the pilot is significantly more armoured in the new version.
Side on - significant size increase but interestingly the crew are quite exposed in both versions.
I think from the top is where the size difference is most noticeable, the newer version looks more comfortable to drive ;)

Thanks for dropping by, Cheers, Siph. And have a great Christmas if that's your thing.


  1. A buddy of mine still occasionally fields the original tiny (and generally awful looking) landspeeder with his space wolves!

  2. I have one of the original ones stripped and eventually to paint. I'd now love to use it as a Talon Master deliberately to confound folk - not gaming wise just the sheer audacity to run it as this buffing Land Speeder to it's bigger brothers!

  3. I figure the crew being exposed from the sides is considered OK because (fluffwise, at least) it'll always be moving fast enough that the odds of anything coming in sideways are pretty minimal.

    I always thought Land Speeders were a cool idea, but had enough trouble with my Whirlwind and Assault Marines doing summersaults that I didn't get any until they came out with the plastic kit at the start of 3rd.

  4. Nice comparison photos, cheers. Always have a soft spot for the original.

  5. It's like they junked the body work to increase the speed/endurance or reduce the size (for city fighting ?) It doesn't look odd or out of place.


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