18 Dec 2017

Relictors Space Marine Landspeeder Tornado - circa 1997

Hi All, thanks for popping in and having a look-see. Here is my latest offering from the To-Do pile! This gem was in the massive job lot of classic miniatures I managed to pick up at a bargain and can be seen (HERE).
This was the re-released 2nd Edition Landspeeder, re-released in 1997 for the Ravenwing, hence the bonnet statue. The original had a Multi-Melta by the gunner.
I added a modern Shoulder Pauldron and arm, but all the original bits were present so I stripped and re-painted to match my Relictors - I actually didn't have a Tornado so when I saw this in the pile, I was sure I had to keep it and paint it myself rather than put to the auction block.
This thing weighs a ton but is smaller than the modern speeder, if anyone wants a size comparison I'm sure I can go and photograph one ;) 
I cut down one of my spare flying bases stem and made a snug fit into the under slung slot. It seems solid so glad it can match the other Landspeeders.  I added the numeral five on the fin to match the others, which are numbered I-IV and assault markings on the Marines shoulder pauldrons.
A rear shot... The other Landspeeders can be found HERE or in the sidebar.
There you go, I hope you like it, I am quite pleased how it turned out. I glued it together with plenty of two-part epoxy resin so it shouldn't fall apart even if dropped! Thanks for dropping by,

Cheers, Siph.


  1. I was more of a fan of this design than I was of the one that followed it. The current design is a bit 'boxy'.

  2. Love the old school minis, this one has aged well and nice paint job.

  3. Cracking! These were such heavy lumps on precarious bases! Glad to find you've got all the bits for yours.

  4. I love this. if your crew are going to wear powered armour, then any more protection is superfluous and just adds to the weight.

  5. Lovely work! Always loved the old metal speeder - You've done a great job on it!

  6. Thank you everyone, yes this is more a skimmer strap-yourselves-on rather than a vehicle, smaller, Zzzzzz is right, why bother with more if you comfortably wear Power Armour. Interesting the British Army went this way with recent recon/Scout Vehicles, basically a frame for seats, wheels and engine so I can mount guns, commas and controls.

    Still have an old school Predator from that job lot yet to do :)

  7. That is lovely work mate, love those old speeders


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