15 Dec 2017

40K WIP Constructions

Hi All,

I've had a week away from the Reaver, and decided to do a little construction on a few new projects.

I've got a version of the original Fateweaver- but I feel the model is too small in comparison to current models, thus I needed to upgrade it- the model was straightforward to construct, I've left the details off prior to undercoating/painting. I am planning to add some detail to the base also.
Inquisitor Greyfax, again the build was simple enough- I did manage to take a small chip out of her hat- this will be covered with an addition of a purity seal.
Warlord head, this was built to be a 'objective' for a titan force.. as it would make sense that they'd fight for something like this rather than a few lasguns..
Thanks for looking- sorry its a short one this week- work gets in the way sometimes!


  1. Fateweaver is a really impressive model, somewhat overshadowed by Magnus because he's like a Primarch! But he's cheaper [in £s] I think he's actually a bigger model and can be used in both 40k and Sigmar. I've no interest in Tzeentch whatsoever, but if I was I'd take him no question.

  2. Aha, HBS claims another WeeMan.... My names Siph and I am a Hobby Butterfly sufferer...


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