22 Jan 2018

Grey Knights Dreadnought - by Blogger Buddy John Stiening

Hi All, thanks for dropping in. A lovely Dreadnought to add to my slowly growing ranks of Grey Knights / Imperial Agents. I saw in December that John at 40k Hobby Blog was selling off a selection of models to make room and fund new projects, so I asked if he'd send across the pond to the UK
I really liked the idea of having a John Stiening original to add to my other Blogger Buddy purchase from Jeff at The Beard Bunker and suddenly I have two mighty Grey Knight Dreadnoughts!
I like the little touches, the converted frontal plates on the Sarcophagus, the banner made from a book and a SM knife, the ample purity seals and the Combat Shield, great stuff from a AoBR plastic monopose Dreadnought!
I repainted the base earth and bevel edge to match my own armies, but other than that, its all John's work - go check his blog, there is some great stuff over there.
I also re-painted the Rifleman Contemptor shoulder plates to match the scheme John used, which I think adds a lot to the Contemptor, it was missing something and now I know what, a bit more colour. They look great now and of the same force, which is great - here is the sum total of my finished Grey Knights! I have more from Jeff to re-base, but this one I painted myself to match his scheme, so all together they should look like a cohesive force.
And don't forget to partake in this years' Squaduary next month - check out Stepping Between Games for details soon, and drop Rory a message detailing your pledge. I am looking forward to this great hobby event of my hobby calendar, really fun and motivating to see other hobbyists proceeding with their pledges - I will conquer some of this To-Do pile!

Thanks for dropping in, Cheers, Siph. (1 pt for re-basing this significant Dread and the Shoulders of the other!)


  1. I really like the colour choice on the Contemptor! The pannelling in red makes it look awesome.

  2. Ohh nice additions.

    Thanks for the shout out and all.

  3. @ Curtis, Thanks, yes I thought something was missing and didn’t know what.

    @ Rory, np, more hobbyists the better! Dig out my squad in preparation for this year’s fun.


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