15 Jul 2019

Terrain and Scenery - Legio Astorum Cargo Container

Hello all, a while back I bought a set of four Cargo Containers from Gamemat.eu, this was before GW did Armourium Containers and these look to be based upon the FW design seen in their dioramas which in turn I think led to the demand for scenery Containers.
Well, these are significantly bigger than GW containers and rightly sized for Titan spares, so I painted one to match the Legio Astorum colours, added a few transfers from the FW Legio Astorum decal sheet now OOP, and done.
I washed the gold with Reikland Fleshshade to match the titan trim and used Leadblecher and Nuln Oil on the grilles.
A great LOS blocking piece of terrain, effective at blocking most vehicles as can be seen with the first two I painted up a while back - HERE
An Armiger Warglaive can find shelter behind one!
And some well needed spares and ammo for the Warlord who takes everything in her stride! Thanks for dropping by, Cheers, Siph. (5pts for Terrain)


  1. Its just an overnight bag for a titan really. You could hide a lot of Biovores behind it tho.

  2. Nicely done. Looks far too clean to be a shipping container for me but each to their own. How it fits in with the rest of the terrain is the main thing.

    1. Yes you are right, I may have to re-visit and add some grime and wear. Or fook it, I've got a to-do list the size of a small countries GDP... haha


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