26 Jul 2019

Titan Owners Club Walk UK 2019 Part 2 - Day 2 (Picture Heavy)

Hello one and all!

So Part 2 for the Titan Owners Club UK 2019 walk, for the second day we opted to split the battle field into 3 large Sectors - the City, the Promethium Fields and the Transit Yards; and fight 'smaller' scale battles (if there is such a thing at AT28mm scale!- Siph). I had the privilege and honour to take on TOC, aka Drake Seta from the Battle Bunnies and Titan Owners Club!

We had a similar sized force, with just a Warlord, a Warbringer Nemesis, a Reaver and 2 Warhounds a side, plus some knights (as I write that I'm smiling 'just').

The battle was played again with the AT rules, really enjoyable battle which saw several Titans dying due to titanic explosions - with Drake's Warlord destroying 2 Warhounds in the explosion, and my 2 Warhounds falling into each other, it was EPIC

How to mark the deployment zone... titan scale..
John H marking out 6ft - or was that 8ft with the arms?
The Promethium Fields and Transit Yards
Crucius Engines lie in wait
Drake's Mortis Engines
The Battlelines through the three sectors
In AT28mm the blast markers are pie plates!
The vanguard of Knights clash before the might of the God Engines.
Col H's Tempestus Warhounds
The central Prometium Fields Sector heavily contested
Siph hands Col H a massive Flamestorm Template
Three Malinax Knights try to bring down the might of the Crucius Warlord - succeeding, Knights are powerful in Close Combat, be sure to smite them before they close on the God Engines of Mars!
Crucius Warbringer Nemesis aims its wrath at the opposing Mortis Warlord Titan.
Crucius Warhounds stalk the Promethium Refinery finding what cover they can before the Warbringer Nemesis guns
Hell's Daughter, the Crucius Warlord re-spawns after the Knights had felled her. (Re-spawning ensured a day's gaming).
Knights making noble sacrifices beneath the Titan guns
An incredible weekend - loved every moment, great venue, great titans, great battles - but also, more importantly a great bunch of Titan enthusiasts! Here's to the next one!

I hope you have enjoyed our coverage of the Titan Owners Club UK Walk 2019, Cheers, LH


  1. It was a great weekend and a great goal to work towards with the WeeMen getting 4 Titans ready for the deadline! Including my long overdue Warlord!

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