5 Jul 2019

Titan Owners Club walk 2019 - Mountain Terrain for Titans

Hi One and All,

A crazy week following the Titan Owners Club, Titan Walk over the last weekend of June 2019.

I thought it would be best to post the terrain I was working on after the event - to not spoil the surprise. So when looking for light of sight blocking terrain for a Titan walk there is only one thing to do - go big! Mountain big! Here is a picture from the walk.
The TOC bought 8 fish ponds, with the plan to paint them up as mountains by turning them upside down. The mountains were painted to match the playing mat we were using. The ponds were initially cleaned, and then prepared for paint.
The ponds were sprayed initially with a base black, and then a full base of red. The mountains were then sprayed from above with different brown sprays. The mountains then had the edges highlighted with a cream spray. The cliff sides were painted with a hint of grey and black within the colour scheme. Black was used to add shadows. By spraying from above the paint was caught on the higher edges to add instant shadowing.

Here are some completed mountains with my titan's around them. 
I also worked on getting 14 craters ready for the walk, these were painted as above with details picked out with grey, or the metals with Leadblecher which was dry brushed. These were the OOP Moonscape Set x2 and the Apocalypse Crashed Spaceship set.
Thanks for Looking! Cheers, Lord Halfpenny.
(55 painting points - 5 each mountain terrain, and 5 points each crater set)


  1. heh, I recall thinking from the first article that those looked like inverted fish ponds!

  2. Very effective. Looks great and I love the simplicity of the large scale paint job. I do however think you need to add some gavel or such along the bases to hide the "rim" of the mountains.

  3. This is just epic!
    [Although obviously not epic scale!]
    Seriously impressed with how well the scenery turned out - the images of the titans walking between them is jaw-dropping!


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