8 Jul 2019

Titan Owners Club UK Walk - Day 1 Battle Pict Captures

Hi Titanseers, I'm now fully recovered and refreshed after the epic weekend of Titan festivities over a week ago now, so much so I would gladly do it again as soon as possible :)  
After the line up we had a quick photo with all the Princeps, all great fellows and all members of Titan Owners Club, it was great to put faces to names, renew friendships, loyalties and grudges :)
The spectacle of all the Titans lined up is mind blowing and wallet busting all at the same time! Then it was getting down to the more serious battling!
Above was my Warlord Dominus Victoria on her first battle, gaining her first kill, Col H's Warlord Custodi Tempestus, and the first Engine Kill of the Walk event! So much for 'new model syndrome'...
We had 62 Titans and 37 Knights on the massive 54ft gaming surface. Okay 61 Titans at the final count, one member had forgotten their Warhound, so Lord Halfpenny substituted in a Porphyrion Knight to play a Warhound for the day.
The centre was held by Astorum might, John H with a Warlord, Reaver and Warhound, Phil with a Metalica Warlord, Reaver and substitute Warhound and my Astorum Warlord, Reaver and two Warhounds facing Mortis and Tempestus Maniples.
On the east flank Lyden P's Fureans Maniple closed on the cargo Storage Yard.
Canis Bellum leads the charge in the centre! Backed up by John H's Warhound plus Canis Praetor and Reaver Honorum!
My fine looking Traitors opposing me.
Traitor Mortis Engine fallen a little further than most, or is that blessed by Khorne?
The western sector was the Hive City outskirts, with the defences lead by Lord Halfpenny and the Crucius Maniple, and Gryphonicus Howling Griffons, Ignatum Iron Skulls and Solaria Imperial Hunters.
The outflanking Fureans Reaver, Mortis Warhound and Fureans Warhound scouts breach the city walls with a vanguard of Makabius Knights by Drake Seta.
The Traitors march towards the city wall breach, Mortis Engines enmasse. The valiant efforts of the Loyalists hold back the Traitors and cause multiple Engine Kills through a cataclysmic chain reaction of Reactor meltdowns!
The Fureans on the east flank were held up by some very resilient Ignatum Warhounds.
Reaver Honorum taking on two Fureans Warhounds
Knight Banner vanguard facing down Legio Tempestus
Loyalists face down the Traitors outside the walls
Imperials surge to protect the city
Crucius block the gates.
Some of the Traitor Engines defy the Imperial defence and face down the guns.
Lord Halfpenny enjoying himself, things were going well for the Loyalist defence.
Imperial Hunters of the Legio Solaria defending another breach in the walls.
Legio Solaria Warlord
Legio Solaria Warbringer
Legio Metalica Reaver
Legio Metalica Warlord
Legio Mortis Warlord
Legio Gryphonicus Warbringer
 Legio Ignatum Warlord with hex camouflage
Legio Ignatum Warlord

So, the first day's tally for the Traitors was only about three Engines and some Knights, including my own Canis Bellum, but the outcome in part to self destructing meltdowns enmasse at the breach in the city walls meant the Loyalists kill tally for day one was around about eleven Engines and several Knights.

The following shots were taken using a fabric backdrop and our resident professional photographer, great shots I am really happy to have of my Engines, Thanks!
A brilliant day one massive battle with a hefty tally of kills and action. Day two was split to three concurrent zoned battles to enable more turns and action more akin to Adeptus Titanicus engagements. More photos in the next post.

Thanks for dropping in, hopefully you are enjoying the epic Titan battle pict captures (not Epic, 28mm scale! I'll post pictures of day two on Wednesday.

Cheers, Princeps Siph.


  1. I love that fabric backdrop, any idea where it came from?

  2. Yes mate, Drake Seta got it from Deep Cut Studios as a custom job. http://battlebunnies.blogspot.com/2018/06/titanic-gaming-mat-36ft-x-16ft.html and has added two more sections to it since! Its now about 54ft x 16ft


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