12 Jul 2019

Something a little smaller than Titans - Primaris Reinforcements

Hello, one and All,

So after all the Titan work, I thought I'd start on stuff a little smaller, Primaris smaller.

I've started to put together some of the Primaris marines together ready to paint up. I just need to decide whether to stick with the Ultramarines, or try something new - also whether to stay with the same Blue scheme if I do choose Ultramarine, or try the new contrast paints.

Has anybody tried the new paints? How do they look compared with previous paint schemes?

So far I've build a couple of the Aggressors, and the Interceptors as well as the Gravis Captain.
I am happy with the kits, I think they look pretty good, and will be a good addition to my UM force! (answered your own question there LH - Siph)
I think the Ultramarines reinforcements are a long term project, I want to get my Imperial Knights completed next, and then some Daemons that have been sat on the desk for ages. 

Cheers, LH

1 comment:

  1. Flufftastically, they ought to be ultrasmurfs, n'est pas ?


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