16 Feb 2017

Reaver Titan - WIP #6 - Gatling Blaster

 Hi, Thanks for dropping by!

I'm making steady progress with the build, this time the left arm is ready for painting - the Gatling Blaster! I've been on the receiving end of Siph's Gatling Blaster, its great for taking out anything MEQ with AP3, as well as light/medium armoured tanks.
As the Laser Blaster, I've positioned a screw into the shoulder joint to act as the method to change the load out of the weapons. For this I used a drill to bore into the ball joint, and then glue the screw into place with JB weld.

Below is a comparison of the two weapons side by side, some serious fire power there!
 And then two comparison shots next to a Razorback and Sternguard Space Marine.
The big reveal moment, here is where I'm at, the arms attached with the pauldrons in place, again the Sternguard and razorback are there for a size comparison!
It was asked in a previous post if I was going to sink the washers into place- I've had a look at this 
  an option, and have (at the moment) opted not to, I feel the shape of the pauldron hides the washer   
Thanks for looking! Next post.. more comparisons.


Nick Thrower said...

Coming along nicely there!

Col. Hertford said...

Great looking pose!

Greg Hess said...

Freaking amazing!

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