30 Aug 2019

Marneus Calgar Primaris WIP Conversion

Hello All!

I recently picked up the new Marneus Calgar (Primaris) as well as the new SM codex, and Ultramarine specific codex. There are a load of new images of Calgar and I felt, although good, the new model could be converted to make it look and feel right in my mind.
Having looked at how the arms were built - the one issue I have with new plastic characters is that the 'monopose' can create a headache for conversions, however, the Primaris Marneus Calgar kit has the arms pretty well accessible and able to get in to change them.
I chopped both arms at the elbow and shoulder, and then readjusted to allow the gauntlets of Ultrama to be positioned to be on the hips. I will need to add some Green Stuff to the cabling to connect everything together.
The long term plan is for the model to pay homage to all previous versions of Marneus, ideas are planned!

Cheers, Lord Halfpenny


  1. Oh that is awesome! I wish I would have thought of that...

  2. I couldn't resist ..... https://spikeybits.com/2017/02/how-much-bling-does-your-space-marine-need.html

  3. The conversion is staring to look really good.

  4. Lovely mate, a good homage to the original ones, once he’s done you need to post a Calgar through the ages with all four-five versions...

  5. I agree with agemmanjw, I am not a fan of the fist in the air pose and yours look so much more commanding.

  6. That pose is about 1,000,000,000% better than the original! I always thought the pose harked too far back to the old days of metal when every character looked like they'd been squashed flat.
    Fantastic work, you've single-handedly made that model viable again.

  7. thanks for all the positive comments! its slowly coming together like the image in my head..


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