30 Nov 2015

Legio Astorum - Imperial Warlord Titan - WIP #1 - Dominus Victoria

And so it starts, a long journey into the world of large resin models and airbrush painting... all new to me, the resin working not so, but this thing is on an industrial scale, it will require basing for stability, pinning in the joints and magnets at the arm weapon points...
Here is the start of Warlord Dominus Victoria (Latin for Lord of Victory) of the Legio Astorum, to accompany the Reaver Honorum, Warhound Canis Praetor and Warhound Canis Bellum. What you are looking at is a world of resin - but not all of it. I have not bought the arms yet as I am waiting for the Forge World Tech Adepts to produce some more variation before choosing my weapons. One Volcano Cannon I am sure, but we will see. The new rules for Titans in CC makes this a thing to last on the battlefield and I am sure six D-shots just from the carapace weapons will make a mess on the Apoc battlefield!

I will construct and paint this beast myself. Seeing how I go with the details and a paintbrush and airbrush later, the other's had star treatment from Slayer Sword winner Richard Gray, so I may tap him up to do a few armour plates or airbrush the head the gorgeous shaded Yellow to match my others? I may continue myself... we will see.

I don't promise a quick construction or finish date, but I will blog my progress here, albeit more successful than my Reaver progress... (sent to Rich to do!) This construct is mine.

For hints and tips, see Dave Taylor's You Tube channel, and check out Titan Owners Club resources tab for 30mm Madness blog diary of his! And Gungrave's Warlord at Guardsmen's Guide blog, and our very own 6thDegree Warhound diary.

And for the owners of any OFFICIAL FW Titans, none of those Chinese knock-offs (undermining our hobby!), check out the Titan Owners Club and post your pictures and progress on there! Become a Titan Owners Club Member - my four are there!

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  1. Kool. Looking forward to this.

  2. I am very jealous. Good luck!

  3. May want to email your nearest liberal arts university, but I think "Dominus Victoriae" might be more correct.

    1. Thanks for Info, but it’s a tough translation being High Gothic so what’s a little E knocked off... lol


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