5 Nov 2015

BlogWars X Siph's Relictors and Cult Mechanicus - Armylist 1850pts

Hello Readers, time is nearly upon us at Weemen to visit up north and take part in the excellent friendly tournament of BlogWars 10 organised by From The Fang's Alex.
I submitted my army list to Alex a few weeks ago and wanted to use the recently purchased miniatures from Mordian7th into my Relictors, so without further ado, here it is:

Space Marine Primary Detachment (Salamanders)
Chapter Tactics – Flamecraft (All SM have FNP 4+ against Flamer hits. Flamers also re-roll failed To Wound/Pen with own Flame Weapons. Master Artisans – Characters all have one Master Crafted weapon. The Forgefather – Vulkan makes all Melta/Combi-Melta/Multi-Melta master crafted.)
HQ – Warlord (Named Character as per BlogWars rules) – Vulkan He’Stan 190
Troop – 5 Tactical Squad - Boltgun, 1x MC Combi Melta, 1x MC Meltagun 70 + 10 + 10
Troop – 5 Scout Squad - Boltgun, 1 MC Boltgun, 1x Missile Launcher 55 + 15
Fast Attack – 3 Attack Bike Squad - MC Multi-Melta 120 + 30
Fast Attack – Stormtalon Gunship - TL Assault Cannon / Skyhammer Missile 110 + 5
Fast Attack – Stormtalon Gunship - TL Assault Cannon / TL Heavy Bolter 110
Heavy Support –  Centurion Devastator Squad - 1 MC ML / 3 Grav Cannon/Amp 165 + 75 + 10

Ad Mech Secondary Detachment
HQ – Tech Priest Dominus 105
Troop – 3 Kataphron Breachers 150
Troop – 3 Kataphron Breachers 150
Elite – 10 Fulgrite Electro Priests 90+90
Heavy Support – 2 Kastelan Robots and 1 Cybernectica Datasmith 290

Formation: Holy Requistioner  1x Tech Priest Dominus 2x Kataphron Breachers: Deep Strike. Tech Priest does not scatter if 6in of Objective. Priest set up first. Breachers do not scatter if 6in of Priest. If within 6in of Objective – Breachers have Counter-Attack (+1A if charged) and Zealot

I have tried to maximise the Forgefather gifts from fielding my named character Vulkan He'stan, and every SM Character has one Master Crafted Weapon. Along with Torsion Cannon/Arc Claw wielding Breachers and the ability to Deep Strike, this will be quite good at Anti-Tank, but lacks Anti Infantry. The Cult Mechanicus stuff will be fun to use as I haven't even play tested it! 

Any way, wish me luck and see you there if you are attending!


  1. Looks like a good list with some fun elements. Those kastelan robots are nails.

    Looking forward to meeting you sat :)

  2. Really hoping I get a match up with you, sounds like it'd be great fun and seeing Mordian7's models will be insane having seen them on his blog.

  3. You have 3 detachments there. The Tech Priest and Breachers in the formation are a seperate detachment that you can't add the electro priests and robots to.

  4. If that is the.case (I thought limitations on formations in formations like decurion) then I'll simply not have the deep strike shenanigans and have to pummel my enemies to death instead the old fashioned way :) no dramas, it's a friendly tournament after all and I don't go for any of that WAAC nonsense.

    It's two detachments and one formation made up of the figures in the second detachment, not additional models.

    Alex can you clarify? Either way is neat, I want to use these either way and have a most excellent weekend!

  5. Very cool! Really glad that the Ad-Mech will be taking the field alongside your Relictors, definitely look forward to hearing how it goes!

  6. Robots! Robots! Robots! Amazing :) my interpretation is that it has the potential to be three different sources, but I can barely keep up with games workshop these days. Loving the big robot theme thou :) see you on Saturday!

  7. Speaking to Alex, he missed that so the deep striking formation is off... But hey, whatever, it's gonna be fun!

  8. Hey Siph, thanks for introducing yourself on Saturday it was great to put a face to a name, just sad I didn;t get a picture of your army or face them across the battlefield, maybe next time :)


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