25 Nov 2015

Lord Halfpenny at Blog Wars X (Pic Heavy)

What an event Blog Wars X was - thanks to Alex from over on fromthefang for arranging the event again. This was my 5th visit to Blog Wars, and thoroughly enjoyed every time. This was the last Blog Wars event, however Alex is returning with a new event in 2016, count us in!

As previously mentioned, I'd opted to go for a pure Space Marine list, with the focal point being drop pods. Having seen the rules for the Skyhammer Annihilation formation, I knew I had to try it! Thus, a force of 2 squads of 5 Devastator marines, 4 x Grav and 4x Melta, with 2x 5 man assault squads formed this hard hitting formation. The special character for the force was Tigurius, the plan being to utilise up close and personal psychic powers, with support from scouts and a Thunderfire. Centurions and Sternguard were also used to add to the hard hitting first wave of drop pods. An additional 5 man squad was included in another drop pod to secure objectives towards the end of the game.

I was pretty unsure how I'd do, I had 7 brand new units that I hadn't used and often I've found that  new units often fall before doing anything major in their first few games.

We'll see...

Game 1, Ultramarins VS Eldar

The first game saw me draw my last opponent at Blog Wars 9, Peter, this time with Eldar and not the Necron's smashed through my Knight and Dark Angels force previously. I hadn't played against Eldar since I was at school, so this would be an eye opener, especially when Pete mentioned the '19 D weapons' words.

Key Points
  • Pete wins the roll off to go first, placing his 3 Infiltrators - via his warlord trait within my deployment zone, including WraithKnight. 
  • Turn 1 see little action from the Eldar
  • Sternguad and Dev Marines taken out by WraithGuard D fire
  • WraithKnight taken out by Tigurius and Centurion sergeant in Combat
  • Eldar slowly eradicate the marines force
  • Both Spiritseer and Tigurius suffer perils of the warp and die and consecutive turns
  • Peter takes victory by killing the remaining scouts
Final scores Ultramarines - 857, with 2 SVP Eldar 1950, with 3 SVP

From the game I took a couple of points, firstly, Eldar D weapons are horrible, one of my Drop Pods took 18 HP from a single round of shooting - enough to fell a Reaver! Also, the Skyhammer is best used as a single strike force, aimed at a single point with my other drop pods-this game I split them apart, and they didn't maximise on the amount of damage inflicted on the turn they arrived.

Game 2 - Ultramarines vs Imperial Guard and Space Marine Allies

Battle 2 saw me playing Matt Calow who played at the same club as Peter, Space Marines are my normal opposition with Siph's Relictors, so I was happy with how to deal with them, the threat was with the 3 Vindicators and the Imperial tank squadron. My plan was simple, take turn 1, and aim to destroy the vehicles..

Key Points
  • Ultramarines didn't get first turn
  • Assault Centurions and tactical marines arrive via deep strike, thunderfire gunner is killed
  • Skyhammer arrive- smashing throught the imperial lines- Dev fire takes a full squad and 2 hull points from Pask's leman russ
  • assault troops assault the leman russ' killing them both with the eviscerator.
  • Sternguard destroy 2 vindicators in melta/plasma fire
  • Centurions open fire - killing the Assault Centurions
  • Tigurius kills the Captian in single combat
  • Matt's Vindicator planned to blow a combat squad of assaults marines into pieces - however the scatter saw the vehicle kill its self, and the hydra! 
  • The game ends with the Ultramarines holding all 3 objectives.
Final Score, Ultramarines 30, with 3 SVP IG/SM 0 with 1 VP
I really enjoyed the second game, the tactics I wanted to try worked, seeing the Skyhammer doing the damage early in the game, and then the remaining force mopping up. It was useful to see squadrons in force, and to see how venerable they are to alpha strikes, the Sternguard killed 2 simply through weight of fire.

Game 3 - Ultramarines Vs Dark Angels

Battle 3 saw me draw Chris, another guy from the same scene as Pete and Matt. (I bet they were cursing me). This time seeing me against Dark Angels, the force I used with Knights at Blog Wars 9. This force included 3 Land Raiders, and lots of terminators, how would the Skyhammer fair?

Key Points
  • Ultramarines have turn one - seeing the arrival of the 4 drop pods, the heavy fire from the Dev's, plus the Sternguard and Centurions sees 2 Land Raiders wrecked and a Razorback destroyed by the Assault marines with the eviscerator.
  • Terminators charge into the Centurions and Tigurius, seeing several rounds of combat with other terminators and Ultramarines piling in. 
  • Ultramarines take it to the Dark Angel's and kill off all the remaining terminators and Ezekiel. The Dark Angels were left to one squad and razorback - which were killed in Turn 5.
Final Scores: Ultramarines 15, 3 SVP Dark Angels 5 and 1 SVP
A really good test for my final battle, I was really happy to see how the force worked against heavy tanks and infantry. This game was under maelstrom points, I really enjoyed the tactical play required whilst trying eliminate the opposition. Unfortunately I had a rush of blood to the head, and destroyed Chris' remaining marines, what I should have done is left them for a turn to potentially have scored more VP's in the next round.

3 great games. I really enjoyed each game, and was helped by the spirit of the guys I played. Thanks guys! Overall I finished 13th out of 50 - and claimed the top ranked Weeman!

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  1. Cursing you? No... Cursing my dice, maybe a little. Particularly my scatter dice for that vindicator shot! Though I did call the exact spot it would land!

    Still a fun game. Shame I missed out on the wooden spoon by 1 place!


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