6 Nov 2015

Lord Halfpenny- Blog Wars X list

Its that time again, the day before Blog Wars.. time to submit my list..

I opted to several new units, in fact 1 unit was still on the spur at the start of the week, unfortunately I've not managed to finish off the army completely, however all models have more than 3 colours, and are to 'table top' standard.. although no where need the 6thDegree or Siph's standards.. sorry guys, letting the team down..

After BW9, I planned to move away from a Knight list, and try something different, thus the plan was set. A space marine list- with my Ultramarines- or supersmurfs.. The UM's last had an outing in BW1, which seems like an age ago- and probably 3 rules books ago! where they didn't fair too well, with a loss and a draw. previous BW events have seen a Khorne list, a daemon list with Fatey and at BW9 my Knights with Dark Angels Allies.

I wanted a list that represented the reason I started collecting Space Marines, the images the feeling of what they were- the background was always about the angels of death arriving into the heart of the enemy and destroying them in rapid assaults. Thus, the plans were set in motion. Several trips to my local GW and ebay, and many purchases later the force started to form. The strategy is simple, hard hitting units arriving in turn 1 or 2, blowing everything dangerous up, and then mop up anything else.

The force is built around 2 formations, a normal battle formation, and a (cough) Skyhammer Annihilation formation (sorry....) with both built with drop pods in mind, with Devastators in the SAF, and both Sternguard and Centurions in additional Drop Pods. Support is in the form of Scouts and a thunderfire. My Character of choice is old faithful- Tigurius. Tigy is in his 2nd Iteration, having both models of Tigurius. I love the first model, he was the first character I ever bought, and painted however the 2nd model will be used this time- its a better painted model!

Ultramarines BWX strike Force

HQ- Tigurius
Elite-    10 Sternguard with 5x Melta and 5x Plasma combi weapons and a drop pod
Troops-5 Scouts with camo cloaks, flakk missile and all snipers,
  -         5 Scouts with 1 sniper and flakk missile
            5 tactical marines in Drop Pod
Fast-    1 Drop Pod
            1 Attack Bike
Heavy- 3 Centurions with Grav and missiles- plus omni
            1 Thunderfire Cannon
5 Man Devastator Squad with Grav- drop pod
5 Man Devastator with Multi Melta- drop pod
5 Man Assault squad with Eviscerator
5 Man Assault squad

The plan is simple, hit hard in the early turns, taking out primary targets, then move forward from there..

See you all there! 

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  1. Humm. There's a lot of options there. Is there any chance of Drop Pods scattering these days ? Even if they do, it's the sort of list a lot of people would hate to face.


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