17 Nov 2015

Weemen at Warhammer World Pt1 - 6000pt Battle (Pic Heavy)

The Weemen visited Warhammer World on the Sunday after Blogwars X, and along with our friend Steve, we decided to have a 6000pt a side, Xenos/Chaos Vs Imperials. It was a variation of Capture the Relic with a centre Relic worth 10VPs, your own deployment Objective worth 5VPs but if captured 15VPs. Lord Halfpenny and Siph were fielding their BlogWars forces SM and AdMech with the addition of a Fellblade and Xiphon Fighter and Fire Raptor plus Marneus Relicgar.

6thDegree and Steve had their BlogWars forces CSM and Orks, plus a Stormblade, Fire Raptor and a mighty Warhound Titan, led by Abaddon the Despoiler.
The mighty Fellblade and Sicaran Battle Tank near the home Objective
 The Orks on the home Objective and mighty Warhound
 Turn 1 Devastators and Grav Centurions Drop Pod Assault destroy the enemy Superheavy Tank
 The Warhound speaks back on the Kastelans and Attack Bikes
 The Chaos and Ork meatshield to protect the Warhound from Turn 2 drop pod Skyhammer Annihilation Force armed with Multi-Melta and Grav Cannon Devastators
Turn 2 Imperial Air Force arrives.
 The Skyhammer falls short of the Warhound Melta Range
 On the flank, the Orks and Dark Mechanicum Kastelans mop up the Sternguard and Grav Cents
 The Warhound makes a whole lot of 5++ Daemon Saves!
 The Iron Warriors Fire Raptor replies to the Imperial incursion of the airspace.
 Stormboyz arrive in the rear of the Imperial lines
 After failing the Warhound charge on the Landraider, it disgorges its cargo of Centurion Assault Squad, the Imperials get their charge in destroying the Warhound with Siege Drills in a flurry of attacks and survive the subsequent meltdown!
 Marneus walks on to secure the home objective
 With the loss of both Superheavies, the Imperials advance on the Xenos Heretic Objective
 The Stormboyz attack the rear lines
 Abaddon and Termies and 3 Squads of Obliterators in the rear lines test the Imperials but it takes Marneus in combat with Abaddon to lay them low.
 Final outcome Xenos/Heretic Objective secure by Tech Priest and Centurions
 Fellblade secures the Centre
Scouts retain the Imperial Objective

A great monster smash up Apoc type game with lots of cool toys. Steve was heard to mutter, 'I need a Stompa...' and we all agreed that Warhammer World was an excellent venue, another battle will be planned...

Next up, our visit to the amazing Exhibition Halls and the great Miniature displays, Dioramas and some Armies on Parade too. A great place to pick up some WHW exclusives too, I bought the SM Command Tanks and a special Exclusive part for my big future project...

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  1. Those objective markers are cool. Where did you get them? :P

    Seriously though. Looks like an awesome game.


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