16 Jun 2011

WIP Devastators - Converting MKIII Iron Armour

I'm in the process of making a 10 man Devastator Squad using the FW MKIII Iron Armour, 'cos I think it looks like the armour a Devastator Marine would want. I have finished 5 and started the next five. However, just a litle pic above to show you all the hard work in the prep stage you probably wouldn't notice in the finished stage.

The FW Rogue Trader-esque Heavy Weapons only come with MKVI arms so I had to convert the arms to MKIII with the distinctive wrist guards by filing a MKIII wrist hollow with a curved file until left with just the armour plate. With a little bit of filing off detail on the MKVI arm, they come together nicely. Add the trigger guard to a whole MKIII wrist on the firing arm and voila.

A spare plastic MKVII arm got the same treatment but the newer shoulder pauldron will remain, too fiddly to hack twice.

Iron Armour doesn't have room for a Signum, so I made one using a piece from the Aegis Defence line atop a Banner, the Sergeant has the new Boarding Marine helmet with the crest and a converted powersword arm. Also the Missile Magazine backpack needed some filing down of the MKIII backpack to fit and finally, a cut and paste a MKVII missile launcher onto a MKIII arm. I'm only doing this stage once as the newer missile launcher was a pain to convert.

Will post squad when finished. These all have Missile Launchers, the 2nd Dev Sqd will have MM and Plasma Cannons ('cos I love them!)


  1. I can't wait to see these devestators, those Forge World suits are really nice looking.

  2. Wow - that's some seriously intricate replacement. Nicely done! I look forward to seeing them all finished up. Keep up the great work!

  3. Cheers guys. 2nd 5 now basecoated so shouldn't keep you waiting too long. The first test model was done Sept 2010, (Devastators tab on right side>>> if you want a peek) but these won't take another 9months each honest!!!


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