12 Jun 2011

Relictors Sternguard #3 Re-Armed w/ Combi-Melta

Well, since I bought the FW Limited Edition Boarding MKIII Marine, I've been wondering who should get his spare Combi-Melta? Then looking at the rules for Sternguard and what the metal marines are armed with, only one has a Combi-Melta whilst the others all have Special Issue Ammunition Bolters. So...

A quick snip here and a snap apart there of one of my home built Sternguard Bolters and I've re-armed the robed marine #3 I made earlier (here) to hold the Combi-Melta, now at least two of the squad when painted will have Combi-Melta's. Watch out tanks!


  1. That is a wicked looking gun!

  2. Totally agree it's a fierce looking combi-melta and with a magazine that big looks like he is planning to board a hulk alone.


  3. Thanks guys. I am currently re-arming a few squad sergeants with the bulkier Combi-Melta for some more up-field anti tank options.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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