19 Jun 2011

Legion of the Damned Squad

Not my own work but a rather cool ebay purchase i saw through Warseer (Animatronica thread here) and had to have. The cost was offset by selling my own unbuilt squad and another squad boxset I won through Heroes of Armageddon weekly draw (go donate to this great cause), so next to nothing really! I tried them out this week versus Pornstarjedi's Ultramarines and they ate through a Sternguard squad and Termi Assault Squad with help from Pedro Kantor before dying to a charging Marneus Calgar and more Assault Termies.I love the relentless aspect so the squad will get an additional Legionnaire with Multi Melta which I'll paint to match, shouldn't be too hard as i have these for reference. Their 3++ save is awesome and kept them in the fight for ages.

I changed their bases to match the rest of my army but kept the cool flames on the bases and have an extra one I took from the Flamer armed Legionnaire for the new MM Legionnaire. Also changed the Sergeant's bolter to a bolt pistol to make it Codex legal before I read a FAQ which says he can replace Boltgun and/or Bolt Pistol for Powerfist, oh well - kinda like the old style Bolt Pistol, so it stays.

A great addition to the ever growing Relictor force...

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  1. Man, those are pretty.

    I've always wanted to try those guys out in a game, on paper they look like they would be absolutely brutal, and they seemed to be so for you.


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