19 Jun 2011

‘Nids at Blog Wars

Apologies for the lateness (I left for holiday straight after the tournament) but here’s a rundown of how the ‘Nids fared.

First off – I got all the painting done with one evening to go! It was a bit of a slog in places and I had to rush a couple of pieces that I would have preferred to spend more time on…but it’s good to have a fully painted army. The list I took can be found here.

Overall I came 19th out of 26 (with Siph coming a close 20th and pornstarjedi 24th) which isn’t too bad to say I had 1 win and 2 losses.

Round 1: ‘Nids vs. Dark Eldar

My first ever tournament game was against Venerable Brother from Sons of Sanguinius, his list was this. I’ve never played against DE before but knew they had poison on too many units for my T6 creatures liking…

The game was Capture and Control/Spearhead. I placed my objective in my corner and set up to go first. I created a large blob with the Hormagaunts and Trygon Prime on one flank. The idea was to just sweep the entire army in one piece across the board and overwhelm the DE. They are pretty brittle – so how hard could it be?

I got completely annihilated. VB played a perfect game starting with stealing the initiative and sat out of my reach using Dark Lances/poison to pick off anything that had a strategic value to me. My mass of screening gaunts got caught up on terrain and stalled the advance of the rest of the army – leaving it floundering. The Tervigon pooped out on the first turn L. VB then went on to pick apart the rest of my army and I was essentially tabled by turn 3.

No hard feelings though; VB played an awesome game and it was honestly great to watch the DE be played exactly as they should be; fast and deadly. Oh – and VB also happened to go on to win the tournament…

Round 2: ‘Nids vs. Relictors

Second game I got paired up against Siph’s Relictors! So there will be a separate post about that game.

Round 3: ‘Nids vs. Black Templar

The last game of the tournament was against Brother Loring from Kirbys Blog and his list was here.

A Terminator-heavy foot list looked very interesting and different from any other SM lists I have played. Unfortunately my recent experience against Terminators has made me very wary of how tough it is for my ‘Nids to get though Terminator armour.

The game was Size Ground/Pitched Battle with 5 objectives spread evenly across the board.

I set up first again in a similar way to Game One to try and meet the Black Templars head on. BL set up with a very imposing core of 3 Terminator units.

My plan (as cheap as it was), was to kill his 2 troop units meaning he would be unable to score and objectives and my abundance of troops (depending on the Tervigons mood) would force BL to have to table me to win. I think BL realised this as he kept his troops relatively protected.

I can’t remember many details of the game, but the Tervigon pooped out on the first turn…again. BL managed to make an insane number of saves compared to my measly rolls. The assault Terminators advanced aggressively but the 2 remaining Terminator squads were played defensively. If BL had pushed these forward to meet me head-on, the game would have been over much sooner than it was. Ultimately it was a bit of a bloodbath and the game came down to BL needing to kill my last unit (which were sat on an objective) in his 7th turn assault. BL managed it and snatched victory! By far the closest and nail-biting game I have ever had and Brother Loring was an excellent opponent.

It was a great tournament and I’m glad it played out like it did – for how many MEQ and IG players that attended, I was lucky that I didn’t have to face up against any vehicle heavy lists (which would have gone terribly).

My list worked as expected; it was fun to play with – especially the double Carnifex combo, but not competitive in the slightest. The Tervigon has now pooped out first turn on 7 of my last 8 games and the Trygon is a slithering target. Ultimately there was nother that was hard hitting enough and very little in the way of redundancy.

I am already working on a more competitive list to bring to the next Blog Wars… Overall I had a great day and many thanks to Alex from From the Fang for organising.

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  1. Aye, it was a ridiculously close game and a very enjoyable one. See you next year!


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