7 Jun 2011

Objective Marker - Ammo Dump

Well, fresh from my 2 defeats and one win from Blog Wars 2011 at Mansfield, UK, I thought I would do a little painting of some of those overdue projects. Well done to Firewasp from Ignatum and 6th Degree from this very own Weemen for handing me my butt and good fun and thanks to my favourite opponent who I actually beat, Scott, a friend of From the Fang who's Alex was the organiser. Big thanks to Alex.

So without further ado, here is a humble Objective marker, my second. First one found here.


  1. A very nice looking marker, very realistic. The tube kind of reminds me of those dropped to supply the troops in A Bridge Too Far.

  2. Nice looking objective Siph!

    also a big thanks to Alex for organising Blog Wars 2011- a fantastic success! roll on BW12!

  3. Nice objective marker, I should really start thinking about getting myself a decent gaming table together. just don't have the time to do it in.


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