17 Jun 2011

Blog Wars 2011- picture heavy


After the amazing event, that was Blog Wars 2011 I thought I'd share my pictures of the event.

My three battles during the day saw the might Ultramarines taking on 2 different Grey Knight forces, and Space Wolves. I found the battles interesting to see how other marine players play as appose to Siph and his Relictors.

My force selection raised a few eyebrows, 2 land raiders into a force of 1750 points, plus 2 terminator squads and Marnes Calgar used the majority of my points, however all competed well and it wasn't until the 3rd battle that both land raiders were destroyed.

Battle 1
Battle 2
Hi to Alex (From the Fang - TO)
Battle 3

Other Pictures from Blog Wars 2011

1 comment:

  1. About time you got these pics up! lol. Great looking armies, shame your Landraiders didn't get you a win unlike 6th Degree and me...
    Weemen Rankings (def not tournement rankings tho!) -
    1st - 6th Degree
    2nd - Siph Horridus
    3rd - Pornstarjedi

    Tee Hee. Let's not comment on this week's result between your Ultramarines and my Relictors tho :(


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