25 Jun 2011

Relictors Landraider Achilles 'Maximus'

I've just finished a new addition to the Relictors Armoury, with a rare and ancient Landraider design, the Landraider Achilles. This is a FW and Plastic kit with two twin-linked Multi-Meltas, a Thunderfire cannon (awesome fun) and I've added a Hunter killer for first turn shooting when the main (edit: Multi-Melta) armament is out of range, but at 335pts - expensive but totally worth it!The latest battle between Relictors and Pornstarjedi's Ultramarines saw it shrug off Melta fire (Ferromantic Invulnerability - no 2D6 Pen Melta or Lance effect) and Thunderhammer hits (AV14 - needing 6 to glance) and even when penetrated, a minus 1 modifier to the damage result meaning it will never explode (except from Destroyer weapons!).It has no Assault doors so disembarkation is normal and has a troop carrying capacity of 6 - enough for an IC and Honour/Command Squad! Anyway, hope you like. I need to add an honour marking to his flank for being tank of the match! Or for just being awesome. Edit: I have now added the normal weathering to the tracks and track guards to match the rest of my Relictors tanks.


  1. Looks excellent man, nice work and you can't beat those stats.

  2. looks awesome, the two side views could've used some auto fixing (windows live photo gallery would work) for the white balance.

    does the TFC not have a 60" range?

  3. Yes mate, but it's no good at taking down Pornstarjedi's Landraiders at only ST6...

  4. so awesome, looks really great.


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