21 Mar 2009

Relictors Assault Terminator Squad

So, since I completed the Sergeant and posted here in February, I've been keen to finish the rest of the squad so I have a viable counter to Porn-Star-Jedi's favourite unit he always fields - a five man Assault Terminator Squad with Termie Chaplain. As you can fathom, I am not the fastest of painters, I posted the Serg over a month ago (but I did get a Hellhound done?!) Now here is the five man squad, then soon a Termie Chaplain to beat Porn-Star-Jedi's fav tactic over the head with... Mwagh-a-haha (evil laugh)
The shields are all large due to my reckoning that a 3+ inv save requires something substantial, and the fact that I was keen to use a converted Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield I bought on eBay (think they were originally Lysander's) but not for the Sergeant. The other shields come from the normal Assault Termies box and the Chapter Master's box, however this one required a conversion of my own from the right arm to the left. The Sergeants one was a FW Black Templar shield.
As you can see, they fit the Sergeant quite well (IMHO) and each member displays the Relictor Chapter Badge White Skull around their person echoing the Serg's Storm Shield. Bigger pictures can be found at the Finished Relictors link in the right hand bar >>>


  1. Very nice, I like the larger shields.
    They are fitting of the 3+ save.

  2. Looking good Siph, the poses are quite dynamic - good stuff.

  3. Love how they turned out, also great to see a more old school colourscheme on your Relictors. Been using shadow grey as a base myself, but that;s purely out of sentimental reason.

    So what else do you have planned?

  4. Nice terminators! Not the kind of guys you want to be on the wrong side of!

  5. Cheers fellas,

    Willem-Jan, I have a lot more to do. Firstly 3 Vindicators and 2 Predators. Then a whole lot more... see the project list on the right hand margin!
    I use Codex Grey, Badab Black Wash and Fortress Grey Highlights and a bone colour accent to brighten up an otherwise 'grey' army. I chose the 5th Company, with 1st Company support - what are yours?

  6. Awesome! The larger storm shields are a very nice touch.

  7. I think I need some more termi's..

  8. That's a whole lott of stuff left mate. Used to have a Relictor force when I was still part of a small gaming group. Sadly I've lost contact with most of those nutters. So when I had the chance to take part in an online tale of gamers project I decided to remake my Relictors as a tribute to ye olde days.

    Decided to take a different approach with them, so I picked up where the background fiction leaves them. Scattered, severely outnumbered and hunted by the Inquisition. So writing some fan fiction while adding some unusual stuff like xenos mercs to use as count as scouts.

    I know, not exactly cannon, but I wanted to do something different with these guys.

    Looking forward to all that armoured might!

  9. "I use Codex Grey, Badab Black Wash and Fortress Grey Highlights "

    I've noticed your newer models are different painted, they slightly more darkened and I like this appearance better. So, are the termies painted different than tactical squads or is that just matter of the light?

  10. Filip, its just the photography, I painted these the same as the tac squad five (http://weemen.blogspot.com/2009/01/relictors-tactical-squad-5.html), first Tac squad weren't washed as wash didn't exist. Must finish them sometime. I've got better at drybrushing and line highlighting so might be darker due to that. Apply more wash will darken the appearance too.

  11. So you improved a lot since this 5 tac, congratulations! You did awesome job on this sargeant face too!


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