22 May 2012

Relictors Ironclad Space Marine Dreadnought

 Hi All, this is the latest addition to the Relictors Army. I needed an Ironclad for BlogWars3, so I needed to paint this beauty that had been in the cupboard of bare plastic for over six months! What is not to like about AV13 and all that CC goodness? Plus with Vulkan Hestan, his Melta Gun and Heavy Flamer are Twin-Linked. Plus 2 Hunter Killer Missiles for some ranged Anti-Tank (and he arrives in a Drop Pod). Nice.

I have added Armoured Plates to the knees to reflect the AV13 front armour, think they were from an IG vehicle, perhaps a Manticore/Chimera, as well as a shoulder mounted shield to bulk him out a little - it was taken from a SM Champion Combat Shield. The little decorative plate protecting his 'man-bits' is from a Venerable Dreadnought kit.
 As you can see I added an armoured plate to the back to protect the rear of the engine block, again to reflect his Ironclad status.

And here is a shot of some of the growing Relictor Dreadnought Armoury, not including my two Riflemen... still have a Forgeworld MKIV Ironclad, a Relic Mortis Contemptor and a Chaplain Dread to do... always more, never finished!!


Dalinair said...

Very rarely see army green on space marines, looks awesome, very nice work

pornstarjedi said...

I like the nut protection- It'll stop my bloodthirster from having his way with it!

sonsoftaurus said...

Very nice! The group shot is great too!

the 6th degree said...

Nice work! You got much more to do for BW3?

Siph_Horridus said...

Thanks all, Dalinair it's Codex Grey? Does it lookgreen on your monitor - sry to disapoint, lol


Still got two MM Attack Bikes (one using an undead chariot), two MM Troopers and a magnetised MM for the Landraider. Oh, and Vulkan himself (using the AOBR Captain). Then I'll maybe start on the FW bag of goodies I've bought (Rapiers, StormEagle, Caestus Ram, Proteus Landraider(s), Ironclad and Chaplain Dreads.... maybe.

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