8 Feb 2021

Terrain and Scenery - Simple Cheap Scatter Terrain - Pipeline

Hello All, thanks for dropping by, sometimes the simplest and cheapest ideas can make decent terrain and enhance the battlefield. In the past I have made cake tray Power Turbines, noodle pot Generators, CD stack Fuel Storage Tanks and pencil pot Watchtowers and dice box Ammunition Crates - but today is cardboard tube pipelines.
The paintjob took 3mins... and drying time. Spray black, spray leadbelcher, drybrush rust and brass and mud - done.
The five tubes came as packaging around some handles, more sturdy than loo roll but the tube inside aluminium foil or cling film/plastic wrap should do if cut to size.
Using PVA/Elmers Glue along the lengths in pairs at first then stacked and glued. Simple stack of pipes for scatter terrain and well needed cover for infantry and smaller vehicles.
Done - cheapest and quickest ever... looks passable too!

Cheers, hopefully it helps someone attempt some terrain, it really does enhance the enjoyment of the game. Find my other Terrain ideas at the links above or using the sidebar Label: TERRAIN.

Siph (5pts)


  1. I was trying to think of different simple line blocking terrain and you Sir have just provided the answer. From the looks of it a squad of infantry should be comfortably out of sight behind it.

    1. Yep, no problem, just the inside tube from a clingfilm roll or other suitable cardboard tube. Easily hide Guard, Space Marines and Ork Boyz.


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