25 Aug 2014

Terrain and Scenery - Power Turbine Assembly

Hello Readers, here is my latest terrain idea, made from some cake packaging and some unused Aegis Defence Line bits, plus some other bitz. It can be anything, I've called it a Power Turbine Assembly, but mainly it's some cover, splash terrain and adds interest to the battlefield.
As always, I've mounted it on 3mm Hardboard (Fibre Board) and sanded the edges, added sand and painted using Calthan Brown, drybrushed Kommando Khaki and Bleached Bone.
I dented the packaging in my haste getting out the yummy Macarons, but this just adds interest and I've painted the damage. The main colour is a Red Primer car spray - ideal for industrial looking buildings.
The end pieces are also from the Aegis Defence line, but cut into half and mounted. And the turbine fan assembly on top was from a model jet.

Finally, the proof of the pudding (or cakes), another tray of the delicious morsels. It was buy-one-get-one-free! Thanks for dropping by, for more Terrain Ideas please check out the link HERE


  1. This is a fantastic idea. Thanks for posting a before photo as well. It's hard to sometimes picture how something will look painted up...this is an excellent example of making fantastic terrain for your table without spending a ton of money!

  2. Nice work. I love found-object terrain!


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