4 Aug 2014

Siph's Weemen Room Improvements

Hello Reader, thanks for dropping by. Everyone is inquisitive when it comes to peoples hobby set ups, I know I am. Well, after my newly installed Games Table I wanted to add some Black Library art I had bought ages ago to brighten up the walls and get them framed properly.

Well after a great productive trip to B&Q (a UK DIY outlet for our friends across the pond) I managed to pick up some nice frames at a good price. And apart from a nasty crack (seen above in the plaster which I've had checked out - it's not structural, just old lime plaster cracking on the brickwork as the house has settled over the last 50-60yrs - not modern plaster board on wooden stud work) - so apart from that messy job yet to do, the Games Room is looking pretty darn sweet! The above photo shows the work place.
Here's another nice BL print framed alongside my Titans display cabinet. And some of my scenery on the shelves.
Two more sweet BL prints from the HH series of books, and an old double page spread of the famous Emperor Vs Horus battle - I love this version - the best and inspiring, just above a sketch of me and my adversary, my Older Brother - just kidding bro! You can also see some WIP scenery.
This was the double page spread in an old White Dwarf I cut out and framed - Sweet As! Horus just oozes badass, crazed maniac... and the Emperor regal, just, true. A great piece of artwork by Adrian Smith found in the Horus Heresy Collected Visions book! He also did the colour version with Horus holding a Mace and Lightning Claw.
My GF is totally awesome and got me a nameplate for the door! Amongst other Air Brush cleaning purchases - I'll need to be brave and try that out soon!
So here's the parting shot, the Games Table often doubles up as my WIP bench too! Hope it gives you some ideas of how to make your hobby areas more funky and weeman like! I know I am lucky to have a dedicated room, I feel for you if you don't!

Thanks for dropping in.


  1. A great looking space mate, the pictures set it off. The door plate is really cool.

  2. Looking good! So many collectors marines! Wow!

    Have you thought about picking up one of those new snazzy mats for the gaming table?

  3. Cheers Guys, but Greg, thats nothing... check out this post


    All the Collectables!

  4. Great looking setup man, love the display cabinets!

  5. Lovely. I have both HH cover art posters for the dark angles novels on my walls with big gothic frames. Nothing like a little atmosphere to make it feel like home :)

  6. I say this every time I see someone's hobby setup but I am so jealous of you having such a dedicated space, and what a space. Just to have some Titans on display like that would be my dream (both owning them and having somewhere for them to go).
    Gorgeous place, and quite the collection of memento's. Thanks for sharing.


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