22 Feb 2021

Legio Astorum Warhound Titan "Canis Victrix" - WIP #3 - Legs

Hello Titanseers, welcome to another update on where I am at with this second-hand 'Hound, now Walks for Legio Astorum and has legs to do so! I pretty much repainted the legs entirely, with exception of the metallic silver structure basecoat - so all the toes, ball joints, pistons and armour.
The detailing on the Warhound toes is exquisite, four skulls and an Aquila on each toe, plus pistons to grime and shine (the cylinders shiny whilst the build up of grime at the end). Each ankle piston has an Aquila too and a skull and an Opus Mechanicus. I repainted the toe armour and trim and the foot base a dirty Leadbelcher. You can see I cleaned off and filed the armour mounting strip too, this had a lot of old superglue attached.
The thigh armour was removed for painting, and firmly glued back once the thigh was stripped of paint on the hidden facing and cross-hatched for better adhesion, these plates unless firmly glued tend to pop off when picking up and manoeuvring the Titan, one has a slight pin extending out of the surface instead of flush, so I drilled a cavity on the corresponding underside of the armour to allow a flush fitting around it. Groin armour was repainted and hip pistons given the same treatment.
I used Stormhost Silver for a bright clean ball joint and raised the rear toes so the weight of the Titan was on the toes, not the flat foot - these are nimble machines, the toes were snapped off, filed and re-pinned and glued to change the footing somewhat.
The freshly painted Shins were anointed in Astorum blue and received a Titan Owners Club coat of arms. You can still see the 'Ardcoat sealant over the surface, once the titan is completely lacquered you won't see this difference.
And the finished article, legs reconstructed and repainted. the outermost toes and inner left leg toe are slightly raised from the original base standing in craters, so I will use some slate chips to insert under the raised toes for a firm weight distribution and look.
Here you can see the raised outer toe, ripe for a stone, no rocky ground can slow a Warhound! The actual weight will be carried on the three toes and rear toes plus a black screw from the underside of the base up into the foot - meaning the fragile toes are just stability really, the screw from the base will take the majority of the downward force.
And finally, a close up of the shin with the name scrollwork, Canis Victrix will Walk! Check back next week, nearly done with this 'Hound.

Cheers, Siph.


For the Emperor! (and other Xenos welcome...)

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