31 Jul 2017

Chaos Daemons - Plague Toads of Nurgle

Hi Everyone, thanks for dropping by our humble corner of the blogosphere. My latest additions to the Daemons of Chaos army which has been quietly building up forces in the background, are these Forge World Plague Toads of Nurgle. After last week's post from Lord Halfpenny showing his WIP of his Toads, I thought I should move mine up the order of scheduled posts and get mine out there!
As Lord H said, we bought these on a whim at Warhammerfest this year, I've always wanted them but I didn't know what I'd use them for, but now I can use them as either Beasts of Nurgle, Chaos Spawn or the actual rules are now available in 8th Edition FW Index: Forces of Chaos.
I used some Blood For the Blood God and Nurgles Rot to give glistening pus and sickly wet bloody maws. This Toad was Zandri Dust, zenith highlighted Skull White and then washed Agrax and Sepia. I added a few random splotches of various washes and picked out the eyes and toe nails.
I wanted a quick scheme to get these off the To-Do pile, as this year I didn't want to add to it, I'm trying to reduce the backlog! So washes are your friend with Nurgle Daemons!
The second Toad, grinning Toad was mainly washed Sepia over the Zandri Dust basecoat. I picked out all the horns and spines.
The raw skin pockmarks I picked out with Nurgles Rot and the horns with Karak Stone and Ushabti Bone washed with Agrax. Again 90% of the work with these was done with washes.
And finally my favourite, the Toad that looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters, so I washed with Biel Tan Green wash, a lot of Blood for the Blood God in the mouth and some manky yellow teeth.
So, nice additions for the growing Chaos Daemons army I have as my third/fourth army... rapidly becoming my third place in terms of size. Nick at the Burning Eye blog is working on a few more commissions for me, so the force will grow a little more soon!

Thanks for checking them out, cheers, Siph.


  1. Uck, they are icky... good job 👏

  2. Well those are thoroughly disgusting. Bravo! Now get some Tzeentch demons to balance things out.


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