3 Aug 2017

WIP- Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons- Question?

Hi All,

For today's post, I thought I'd ask for your opinions on Magnus the Red. Originally I planned to paint the armour of Magnus as per the paint scheme Games Workshop, however having seen the images of the Forge World model, I thought of another option.

  There are the two I'm referring too- I am toying with the idea of going for a primary colour scheme of gold- like the forgeworld model, but I thought I'd see what your thoughts were? Below are a couple of mock pictures- were I've halved the armour in 2 colours, gold and silver to illustrate how the armour might look on the body of Magnus I've painted already.

I like the idea of doing the armour gold to tie into the FW model, however I'm worried that it might look to 'Khorne-Like' with Red and Gold?

Any feedback would be appreciated- thanks!


  1. Khorne doesn't have a copyright on gold... just ask the emp, the customer, Trump...

    It's a well established and good looking colour, and if you also intend to own the FW version, would be a great tie together. If you don't plan to get the FW version you have more freedom...

    1. Customer, sodding autocorrect, custodes...

  2. Gold would look good. Just so long as you don't do the whole model in black, blood red and brass. I think it will be fine.

  3. Gold all the way! Khorne is Brass. Recommend Retributor Gold, Flesh Wash, Auric Gold highlight and a further highlight of either Liberator Gold or Runefang Steel dependant on your taste, maybe the steel as you want a brighter magic gold?

  4. Gooooooold! I love gooooooooold!

    I'd go with gold mate!


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