21 Aug 2017

Necron Dynasty Heavy Destroyers w/ Heavy Gauss Cannons

Hello Readers, Thanks for dropping in again. Cheers.  Here is my latest addition to the Necron Dynasty, a pair of Heavy Destroyers armed with Heavy Gauss Cannons. These saw action at Warhammer World in May.
These will give some much needed longer range firepower to the Dynasty, their firepower usually limited to 24in. And will also add some reliable anti-tank to the Destroyer Cult, we will have to await the Necron Codex/Battletome for 8th to see what gimmicks survive into 8th...
These finecast kits were very warped and the original Heavy Gauss Cannons were unuseable, so I made my own using the parts from spare Tomb Blade Gauss Blasters. You can see the conversion at the link.
I continued my Destroyer theme of adding gold glyphs to the carapace of the Destroyers.
Finally, I added a lens type thing to the scope on the shoulder, I used the Soulstone Blue over Stormhost Silver. Thanks again, cheers Siph.

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  1. I was totally going to steal this idea but I can't find my Tomb Blade sprues anywhere. Goddammit! They look awesome btw.


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